Syntopia & Apparition - In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes

Oh! If I dare to look deep into your eyes,
I can see your soul, I can see your heart.

And, when I just do that, I know that your love
just belongs to me, as I love you too...

Oh! Tell me if IŽm wrong, thinking that your love
does belong to me and nobody else.

Because into your eyes, I can see the Truth,
and it surely looks that you love me so...

The...Way I see your eyes, makes me understand
that we were just born for an endless Love...

I wish that you will do the same I just did,
look into my eyes and youŽll see my heart.

Oh! Deep into your eyes there is such a calm,
a beautiful lake, of tranquility.

And... That is why I say, I will always look
deep into your eyes, looking for my Soul.

I... wish that you would do ask me for my truth,
so I could tell you what you mean to me.

Oh! If I dare to look deep into your eyes,
I can see your Soul, You can see my Love.

When I just do that, I can see your Love,
does belong to me as I Love you too!

And... Deep into my heart, I can feel the Joy
knowing that your Love does belong to me.

Deep into your heart, I can dare to know
that youŽll always be, my Eternal Love....

Deep into my eyes, you will understand,
you will now for sure IŽll be always yours.

For You!......

Lyrics (c) by Apparition



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